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Many people are aware of the harmful effects of organic synthetic pesticides. But we do not know why we limit the use of chemical fertilizers in environmentally friendly agriculture and why chemical fertilizers are harmful.

Organic farming is the production of food without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components. Organic foods are not necessarily completely chemical free, but the pesticide residues will be considerably lower than those found in produce manufactured with synthetic chemicals.

Now it is time to think about the health of nature beyond people's health. It is time for real farmers who live in the dirt and owners to become strong so that we can start true agriculture that makes the soil healthy.

We would like to make a proper and healthy world with all who visits our website and wants to start a good relationship with us.

We hope to be a friendly partner and assistant for all Eco-friendly pioneers( Hansol Food, Agriculture, Fisher-Forest Certification Center) who wants to create a good environment and quality products at the same time.



of 16 December 2021 for  KOREA
1.Product categories:
Category of products or products:Designation of category as in Annex II
Processed agricultural products for use as food:D
2.Origin: products of category D processed in the Republic of Korea with organically grown ingredients that have been grown in the Republic of Korea or that have been imported into the Republic of Korea:
— either from the Union,
— or from a third country for which the Republic of Korea has recognised that the products have been produced and controlled in that third country in accordance with the rules equivalent to those laid down in the legislation of the Republic of Korea.
3.Production standards: Act on Promotion of Environmentally-friendly Agriculture and Fisheries and Management and Support for Organic Food.